Sunday, October 4, 2015

Black Series Captain Rex

Most action figures couldn’t conjure a way of giving me the bittersweet feelings this figure does, but this Captain Rex truly leaves me with mixed feeling that are beyond what this figure alone can help.

Going all the way back to 2013, Hasbro announced the Legacy Collection line that would be the main focus that year. A lot figures were revealed either through leaks or officially, and one of those figures was a much demanded Captain Rex in a realistic style. This is where the real kicker about the Black Series Captain Rex comes in: Hasbro promised us the Legacy Collection figure, and gave us one that was totally different two years later.

There’s really nothing wrong with this Captain Rex; on the contrary I like this figure a lot as well. It’s just that when I look at it, I feel like this was a bait-and-switch by Hasbro, or almost some kind of consolation. It’s not the same figure at all. The Rex we were promised was based on his Phase I armor, with a removable helmet and a soft-goods skirt. We still haven’t gotten that figure, instead we were given one that’s almost totally different in it’s place.

The Black Series Clone Wars CW Star Wars Hasbro Kenner action figure
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With that all said, this is still a pretty good little figure in it’s own right. It’s pretty common that figures with non-removable helmets have sharper sculpts, and although I feel his helmet’s a bit small, it looks really detailed. Generally speaking the detail on this figure is astounding, with little marks and details painted all over the figure.

His articulation is very good, though disappointingly the plastic skirt they opted for in favor a fabric one in far more restrictive and binding. I feel like this was ultimately a result of cost cutting more than anything else, a shame given the high prices these figures retail for today. The figure doesn’t even include his chaingun he’s often seen using, which is regrettable.

Legacy Collection Clone Wars CW Star Wars Hasbro Kenner action figure

Legacy Collection Clone Wars CW Star Wars Hasbro Kenner action figure

Friday, September 4, 2015

TPM Jar Jar Binks (with Gungan Battle Staff)

Happy Force Friday, gents. Here at the Star Wars Box, we're excited about getting new Star Wars toys, but decided it's not worth fighting for them when they'll be flooding clearance bins in a few months anyway. Instead, lets reminisce on The Phantom Menace with this Jar Jar Binks figure, from a Force Friday sixteen years ago...

Jar Jar Binks with Gungan Battle Staff The Phantom Menace Episode I 1999 Kenner Hasbro The Force Awakens vintage action figure

First, I've got to say I'm no fan of Episode I. Actually, I'd say it's pretty much the worst Star Wars film that's been made. I'm not hyped for the Force Awakens and yet my expectations are that it will be at least better than that film. But with that said, Jar Jar Binks isn't really what made the movie bad.

When I was a kid, I had a fledgling interest in Star Wars. TPM came along and more or less killed it, but I did still appreciate a few aspects and characters from the movie, even back then. Among what I liked was actually none other than Jar Jar. It really wasn't for much more of a reason than him being a silly, annoying character that everyone else hated, so it made me want to like him. I was always a bit of a troll like that.

This Jar Jar figure is surely not his best. The sculpt and pose are both okay, but I find he doesn't have much detail or definition to be seen. The character design really doesn't provide much to work with, but from the neck down this figure has very little detail.

The battle staff is an awkward part too. I barely remember him using it in the film, and I'm not even sure if that's just my memory or if he really did use it. I wish he could hold it with both hands as he tends to look very lazy and enthusiastic holding it with one or by just dragging it around...

Anyways, here's to hoping Episode VII will be light-years better than Episode I!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Kenner Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot)

Kenner Hasbro ESB Empire Strikes Back Ep. V vinatge action figure vehicle A new Hope ANH Ep. IV Rebel pilot

Hard to imagine that at one time there was virtually just one pilot figure made for all of Star Wars, that figure being X-Wing Pilot Luke. This figure is a fine example of Kenner quality however, which does make me wonder if this figure was the only pilot we really ever needed.

This figure has a lot of detail both sculpted and painted. From the buttons on his chest-box thingy to the various belts and straps adorning the figure. You can even see the tip of the helmets visor just above Luke's brow, which is some fine work. Speaking of detail, the helmet's complete with Rebel symbols and a red stripe going down the center. I always have liked the Rebel buckets for some reason.

The only problem with this figure is also another element that makes it rather nice: he doesn't resemble Luke much. There's not much on the figure that makes it blatantly apparent this is Luke Skywalker. Which is good, because that more than makes him a good army builder. I'd say it'd look fine to have a dozen of these running around personally.

Kenner Hasbro ESB Empire Strikes Back Ep. V vinatge action figure vehicle A new Hope ANH Ep. IV Rebel pilot